The Problem
Memome is a start-up company looking to make a voice social media app. They are looking to design a mobile application from the bottom up on both the iOS and Android platform. Aesthetically, the app should be visually pleasing with a functionality that it is both fun and easy to learn. 
Memome is a mobile application that will share mini voice memos to users. Users will be able to voice record their thoughts and/or feelings and send them to other users or a public feed.
A survey was given to see how and why people use social media. With additional secondary research and a competitive analysis, I was able find additional insight to help me create the app.
Research Conclusion
The survey showed me how and why people use social media. The survey also showed that voice messages aren’t popular as a form of communication. However, I also found the likes and dislikes of social media. I can that use that to infuse into the app to make it valuable to users.
Also with similar apps already on the market, I can use them as a blueprint for the way I want to create and design the app. I will be able to see how they navigate and what features to include.
The user research provided me with insightful information. With that information I created a UX Strategy Blueprint to help guide me throughout the rest of the design process
I created a persona that would be an ideal user of the Memome app. Meet Laura. She's a social butterfly who loves to share her experiences with others.
With user research, a UX strategy, and a persona in place, I constructed a user flow on how to post a voice memo and an application map.
I made some wireframes in sketch to get an idea for how I wanted the app to look and feel. After several iterations, I came up with 12 screens. 4 of them are shown below.
With the wireframes in place, I added UI elements. After even more iterations I was able to finalize the key screens.
A prototype was made with Marvel and tested on some users. An affinity map was made to show the results.
What I learned...
With Memome being an independent project, I felt that I was able to learn so much. It was exciting to see an idea grow from the beginning to end. There were a lot of challenges but I was happy with the end product. 
One of the challenges that I had was that my research wasn't supporting the idea of the app. People just don't have any interest in voice memos as a form of communication. Because I had limited time for this case study, I went ahead started designing with what I had. 
From here I will focus on designing for the Android platform. I know that through constant iteration I'll be able get both designs finished and sent out for development. 
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